Inside Out’s 2022 Wrapped!

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re celebrating all that the Inside Out community has accomplished this year!

The Inside Out Team

Over the past twelve months, the Inside Out community has accomplished a lot! In 109 Group Actions and 17 Photobooth Activations, we’ve hit nearly 30,000 portraits and visited 28 different countries. Group Actions this year onboarded a wide range of topics such as mental health, refugees, and education.

This year, our Photobooth explored five different continents! With Activations in Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, the United States, and Switzerland we engaged with diverse and inspiring communities from all over the world.

IOP Valenton • Valenton, IDF, France • October 2022 • 230 Portraits

In August, we traveled to Kobe, Japan, and created a Photobooth in a shipping container. Over 2,600 portraits of locals celebrated the diversity and rich history of the port city. A few months later, our team built a pyramid-shaped Photobooth in Giza, Egypt where thousands of participants got a chance to make an ephemeral personal statement in front of timeless monuments. In Rio de Janeiro, over 1,600 participants gathered to spread awareness about mental health for women in maternity across Brazil.

“Our environment and territory” • Rome, Italy • June 2022 • 624 Portraits

In 2022, Education Actions made up 63% of all Group Actions, an all-time high! Education Actions took place in classrooms worldwide across 21 different countries. Students of all ages celebrated their diversity and highlighted their individuality by pasting their portraits with their community. 

Our 2022 Back2School Activations showcased over 800 portraits of students, teachers, and parents across 7 New York Schools. The Inside Out Project was even featured in the December issue of Scholastic Arts!

Inside Out Tehachapi • Tehachapi Maximum Security Prison, CA, USA • April 2022 • 425 Portratis

April 2022 marked Inside Out’s first-ever Photobooth in a prison. Inside Out Tehachapi took place in a maximum-security prison where 425 incarcerated men had the opportunity to tell their own stories by taking their portraits and pasting them on the prison walls. Participants in this Action took leadership in working together and connected with the outside world through their installation. To learn more about the project and hear from the participants, check out our news article. 

"Mental Health Awareness Project" • Lagos, Nigeria • November 2022 • 1,171 Portraits

One of the most important topics to communities worldwide this year was mental health.

In Nigeria, over one thousand people participated in the Group Action “Mental Health Awareness Project” which challenged stereotypes about mental health. In the multi-location Action Mind, my business: mental hygiene support” which took place in Germany and France, participants shared their experiences with mental illness. In Jersey City, students created the Action "To Improve Mental Health Within the Classroom and Workplace" in their community to support prioritizing self-care and valuing mental health over productivity.

"Children of War" • Tbilisi, Georgia • November 2022 • 128 Portraits

In 2022, the Inside Out Project drew attention to the plight of refugees across the world. Group Actions were organized to bring visibility to the faces of communities who have been affected or displaced by matters such as war, climate change, or social instability.

Three Inside Out Actions were organized with refugees in Rwanda, Mauritania, and Colombia. In Tbilisi, Georgia, the Group Action “Children of War” showcased portraits of 128 refugee children and adults from Ukraine and Georgia. 

"Portrait de cyclistes de Cognac" • Cognac, NAQ, France • September 2022 • 108 Portraits

That’s a wrap for 2022! Thank you to everyone who participated this year–the Project could not continue growing without all of your dedication and passion. 

Happy Holidays from the Inside Out team, and we look forward to seeing all that you do next year!  Let's keep turning the world Inside Out in 2023!