Happy 11th Anniversary Inside Out!

What a year it has been for the Inside Out Project! Almost 120 Actions took place in the last 12 months. With Group Actions in 28 different countries and more than 18,000 portraits processed, it’s clear that communities around the world had a lot of stories to tell. Take a look at Inside Out’s Year in Review!

The IOP Team
MARCH, 2ND 2022

We started our eleventh year by highlighting the accomplishments of our first decade. The Inside Out Team created a unique installation at the Brooklyn Museum in March, 2021. It featured 138 portraits from each country and territory where an Inside Out Action has taken place. 

Our Photobooth Trucks Got Back into Action!
After a year-long hiatus because of lockdown, our Photobooth trucks hit the streets, completing 10 Actions across 5 countries and printing over 10,000 portraits. In September we visited 7 high schools across Providence, RI to celebrate the start of the school year. In October, we welcomed over 1,000 New Yorkers back to the city. And in November, our truck traveled to the Netherlands to celebrate the opening of JR: Chronicles at the Groninger Museum!

Our biggest Photobooth Action this year was the “11M” tour.
Inside Out 11M was a country-wide Action on Immigration reform. Our two Photobooth trucks visited 15 cities across seven states in the U.S. Over the course of three weeks more than 2,000 participants lent their face to urge Congress to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the country. These portraits reminded us that behind policies are real people with real stories. From the hot Arizona desert to the windy Lake Michigan, each portrait taken showed us that we all have something in common: hope for a brighter future.

A Huge Year for Inside Out Education!
We launched the Education page on our website, where you can find the newly released Inside Out Curriculum and Case Studies! Check out the two Photobooth Education Actions we led this year: “XQ Yearbook” & “Back to School Providence." 
Inside Out Education also started leading workshops with classrooms all over the world. We meet with the students to tell them a little bit about the Inside Out Project, but our main focus is to hear from the students’ about their Action and what they are hoping to accomplish.

Multi-City Actions that Stood Up for Human Rights.
This year, people of all ages demonstrated their resilience, solidarity, and passion for social change through their portraits and Action statements. From refugee camps to city-capitals, participants took their message to the streets and stood up for what they believed. Take a look at some of this year’s multi-city Actions across Europe and South America championing human rights and social justice! 

Nuestras Miradas, Tucuman - Buenos Aires, Argentina, March-April 2021, 150 Portraits
“Nuestras Miradas” consisted of three different installations in Buenos Aires and Tucuman and taught these communities that, much like photography, feminism offers us a critical and transformative lens through which we can view our world.

Europe Look Me In The Eyes, 16 European Cities, July 2021, 2,480 Portraits
“Europe Look Me In The Eyes” took place on one day across 16 European cities. To draw attention to the need for comprehensive change in European migration policies, the installations displayed the portraits of 155 refugees currently being held in refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesvos.

City-wide Actions Celebrating City revival Through Public Art
In spite of the challenges of the pandemic, people from all around the world gathered safely to uplift each other and bring their cities back to life. Three different cities were covered with the faces of their resilient residents. The city-wide Inside Out Actions in Singapore, London, and Montreal highlighted the integral role of essential workers, students, teachers, officials, and community members alike!

Introducing Inside Out Ambassadors!
We reached out to Group Leaders from all over the world and asked them to share their experiences and reflections on creating their Group Actions. These individuals have accomplished exceptional work through their own Inside Out Actions. They are now helping us spread the word about the Project around the world. These Group Leaders created Actions in Denmark, France, The Gambia, Haiti, Madagascar, Peru, Spain, and the US! Their Actions tackled a broad range of topics such as education access, global climate change, celebrating Indigenous heritage, feminism, and mental health awareness. Create your own Action and become an ambassador by visiting our website and joining the Inside Out community!

Create an Action Through Our New Website!
We completely revamped our website. Now available in English, French, and Spanish, our new platform makes the process of creating an Action easier than ever. Create your own Action today!

And that’s a wrap! We are so proud of what the Inside Out community has accomplished in the past eleven years and can’t wait to see our community keep growing!