Write a News Article about your Action!

Share the story of your Action’s origin and impact in your own words.

The IOP Team

Each Action has a unique journey, from conception to completion. The Inside Out Project is now offering our News page as a platform for participants or Group Leaders to reflect on and share about their Action experience. All you have to do is email us an article at jr@insideoutproject.net!
Writing an article is a great opportunity to further spread awareness of the message behind your Action and speak about the impact of the installation. You have complete creative liberty over the piece. We simply ask that it be between 200 and 800 words accompanied by pictures. Make sure to follow our press guidelines
If you're feeling stuck when you begin writing, start by describing what inspired you to create or participate in your Action. Elaborate on where your Action statement came from: What story or message do you want to tell? Why is it important to you and the greater community? 

Offer the Inside Out community a lens into your portrait taking process. Who are the participants? How did you find each other? How did it feel to have your portrait taken or to take the portraits?

Participant posing for their portraits. (Exp-OSEZ-vous ! Portraits de Blainvillais • Blainville-Sur-Orne, France • June 2021 • 219 Portraits)

Creating an Action can be complicated, and Group Leaders can run into obstacles. What was the most challenging part of the Action process, and how did you overcome it? Is there anything you wish you knew when you started? What did you learn from your Action?

Particpants pasting their Action on a bridge. (Nuestras Miradas • Buenos Aires, Argentina • April 2021 • 50 Portraits)

Lastly, how did your Action come to life? Where did you decide to paste, and how did you come to this decision? Who helped you paste? Did this process bring the community together or spark new conversations? What was the impact of this Action for participants and your community at large? Include testimonials from participants if you have them. We want to hear your stories!

Particpants celebrating the final installation. (Ensemble - Zusammen - împreună - Together • Acigné, France • May 2014 • 200 Portraits)

These questions are to help you get inspired, but feel free to choose what is relevant to include in your article. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us at jr@insideoutproject.net. Your stories will inspire the Inside Out community worldwide––we can’t wait to publish them!

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