Write a Case Study about your Education Action!

Share your Process with other educators.

While the Inside Out Project works hard to share the knowledge given to us by past leaders, we want to create a direct exchange between educators.

The IOP Team

Inside Out Education can be adapted to fit the needs of your classroom or program but we all need a little inspiration. By writing a Case Study for our Education page, you can share your process and help other educators and students to create an impactful installation. Email us to share your story at education@insideoutproject.net!

How it works:
You have complete creative freedom over how you approach writing a Case Study. We simply ask that it follows our press guidelines and write between 200 and 800 words.

These articles can be written by the Group Leader, a student participant, or co-written as a classroom. Check out this awesome Case Study written by a student, for their Action “Heart of Our Community.

Students celebrating the completion of their Action. (Drowned under plastic / Noyés sous le plastique • Paris, France • June 2021 • 37 Portraits)

If you're feeling stuck when you begin writing, start with what inspired you to bring Inside Out Education to your students or peers? How did you introduce the Inside Out Project to them? 

If you need a little help:
What activities did you do in preparation of creating your Action? How did they go? What were the students’ reactions or input? Did you participate in an Inside Out Workshop or use the Curriculum? How did you determine students’ roles during the Action? 
This is a great opportunity to elaborate on your Action statement. How did you define your message and who took part in that? What did that conversation look like? Why is your message important to you and the greater community?

Student posing for his portrait. (Kaleidoscopa • Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme, France • September 2021 • 130 Portraits)

Offer the Inside Out community a peek into your portrait taking process. Who were the participants? What were they instructed to do in their photo? How did they feel about having their portrait taken or taking the portraits? 

Creating an Action can be complicated, and you can run into obstacles. What was the most challenging part of the Action process, and how did you overcome it? Is there anything you wish you knew when you started? What did you learn from your Action?

Students pasting their portraits on their school campus. (Reclaiming Our School • Eindhoven, Netherlands • June 2021 • 169 Portraits)

Lastly, how did your Action come to life? Where did you decide to paste, and how did you come to this decision? Who helped you paste? Did this process bring the community together or spark new conversations? What was the impact of this Action for students and your community more widely?

These questions are to help you get inspired but feel free to choose what is relevant to include in your article. We want a peek into your unique Education Action from conception to completion. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us at education@insideoutproject.net. Your stories will inspire the Inside Out community––we can’t wait to publish them!