Inside Out in Portuguese!

The Inside Out team has a big announcement for you all! This week, the Portuguese translation of our website went live. You can now explore past Actions, create your own Action, and read all our news articles in Portuguese! 

The Inside Out Team

Inside Out is constantly changing and working to make the platform more accessible. Portuguese is the fourth language we have introduced - with hopes for more languages in the future!

With our new translation, we want this year to bring a record breaking number of Actions in Portuguese speaking countries around the world. If you know of a Portuguese speaking school or community that would like to create a Group Action, please send them this form!

Photobooth Action Mae Um Retrato • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • May 2022

To kick off this new translation, a huge Inside Out Action is coming to Brazil. A Group Leader has been working tirelessly for the past seven months, gathering portraits of mothers from states all over Brazil. The Action “Mae Um Retrato [Mother a Portrait]” aims to spread awareness about mental health for women in maternity throughout Brazil and create a space for mothers to connect. Read more about the Action here. If you can help this Group Leader find a wall (approximately 2,000 M2) to past her Action in Rio de Janeiro, please send us an email at

INSIDE OUT ALFACINHA • Lisbon, Portugal • May 2014