These questions get asked a lot. Here are the answers:

1 - I don’t get it. Is this an art project or something else?

Inside Out is cross-disciplinary. It is focused on the power of art and 
ideas to change perceptions, attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. It is different for every person and every project.

2 - Can anyone do INSIDE OUT? Can it really be about anything?

Any important subject and any statement can be strengthened by the Inside Out project. However we will not tolerate statements invoking hatred, violence, racism, or extremism of any kind. Don’t be mean.

3 - Can I use INSIDE OUT to advertise my brand, product, or organization?

You cannot use the project for any commercial purpose or promote your product or your brand through Inside Out. You should not use the project to promote your organization’s actions. Even if it’s an NGO, it is the personal stories and statements that Inside Out wants to highlight, not the actions of a specific organization/party.

4 - HELP! I want to do a project, but I cannot afford to donate!

To help us fund Inside Out, we are asking for donations of 20 USD per participant. We recognize this amount is out of reach for many people and don’t want to discourage anyone from participating. If you cannot afford to fund your project or choose not to donate, there will be an option to request to receive your posters for free, which shall be subject to the availability of funds, demand and global geographical equality. We also may be able to subsidize some of your posters.

5 - Can I put my poster inside?

Inside Out encourages you to put your poster in the most publicly visible location to which you have access and have sought permission to use. The more public the location, the better. Some groups have used windows, because they are visible from the street, but do not involve pasting. However, those posters are still visible to the public, which is an essential element of the project.

6 - Can JR help us paste/come speak at our event/ fly to our location to meet us?

Unfortunately due to JR's schedule as well as his desire for the Inside Out Project to stand alone as something by the community for the community, he doesn't
participate on that level. This project is about the issue behind the posters and using JR’s past projects as inspiration, not about JR himself. We credit all projects to you, not JR.

7 - How soon can I receive my posters? I want them now!

We know you want your posters quickly, but we are a small studio with one printer, so we can only print and ship so much at a time. We receive hundreds of requests and try to accommodate as many people as possible. Please keep in mind that many groups have already requested posters, so we often cannot do rush printing. We request that you give us 3 to 4 weeks to print and ship from the time we receive your images and donation. Once posters are shipped, it can take up to 2 weeks for you to receive them, especially if you are across the world from New York City. Please plan in advance and give us as much notice as possible when creating a timeline for your project.

8 - HELP! You shipped my posters and I haven’t received them yet. I’m freaking out.

We ship via USPS because it is the most cost-effective and allows us to ship as many posters as possible. International shipping takes at least 10 business days; domestic shipping takes 3-5 business days. If you need a tracking number, please contact us and we will provide you with shipping information. If your package gets stuck in customs, contact your local post office and see if there is anything you can do. Different countries have varying customs restrictions that unfortunately, we cannot control. But contact us and we can help as best as we can.

9 - How does pasting work/ how do I make wheat paste?

You can make your own wheat paste at home simply using sugar, flour and water. We have a video on our site for directions on how to make paste and put up your posters. If you have further questions that were not answered above, feel free to send us an e-mail. Please be advised that due to the high volume of emails we receive, it might take us a few days to get back to you.

10 - How big are posters and can i get other sizes?

Posters are 36in x 53in or 91.34cm x 134cm. We do not print larger size as it is important for the homogeneity of the project that everyone follows the same standards.

11 - How can I name my project?

Project names are best when they are brief and unique. They should introduce the idea of the project, its location, and its message. Check out our map for good examples!

12 - Why is my action not on the website?

Have you selected the "view all" option in the top left corner of the map? Only the most recently completed actions are visible at first. If you have recently registered or completed your action, please allow enough time for the IOP team to upload it to the site. We appreciate your patience!

13 - How long will my posters stay up and how can we remove them?

It depends on how long you would like for them to stay! Some posters don't make it overnight, whereas others last for a year if they are pasted well, in an area with fair weather conditions & kind passersby. We love seeing pictures of damaged and weathered posters as time goes on so send them to us! Once you are ready for them to come down, the posters come right off with a power washer or strong hose. This method will not damage the building or structure at all unless it is very delicate.