Inside Out Published in Scholastic!

The Inside Out Project will be featured in the December 2022 issue of Scholastic Art.

The IOP Team

This spring, the Inside Out Team worked with a classroom in Jersey City, NJ to help students create their own Inside Out Action raising awareness around the importance of improving mental health in the classroom and the workplace. After months of working hard to bring their Action to life, students at Jersey City Arts installed their portraits in June and came together to share their experiences and reflections.

Scholastic documented this Action’s process from our very first workshop until the final installation and interviewed students during the pasting about why they felt their message is important. 

This article will be featured in Scholastic’s December 2022 issue and details the process of creating an Action from start to finish using the Jersey City Arts students as an example. Students and educators from around the country who read this article can become inspired to take action in their own communities, spread a message they are passionate about, and spark change through public art.

Read the full article and watch the student interviews by clicking here!