We revamped our website!

MARCH, 2ND 2021

The Inside Out Project just turned 10 and to celebrate this important milestone, we spent the year working on a brand new platform. With new features and more comprehensive content, this website will further engage with the Inside Out Project’s community and show the world that the Inside Out Project is very much live and alive!

Some of our new features:

  • An interactive search engine, allowing visitors to search actions through themes, geolocally, and chronologically.
  • The capacity to create a user profile, which will allow visitors to comment on actions, bookmark favorite actions, engage with Group Leaders and discover actions tailored to their interests.
  • A new, fully integrated process to creating an Inside Out Action. We have streamlined the process to make it even easier for anyone around the world to participate. It takes effort and determination to become a Group Leader and make the voices of a community of people heard. To make sure each new action arrives to completion we have fully integrated every step. From going through the guidelines to crafting a statement, uploading portraits, tracking the status of your action and next steps, the process is now clear, engaging and fun!