Turning Education Inside Out!

In 2022, students from all over the world transformed their schools with Inside Out Actions. Let’s take a look at some of these beautiful initiatives, and learn how you can build your own!

The IOP Team

This school year is, without question, a very special one. Students are gathering in the hallways again, mask-free, and with an unprecedented will to connect and stand up for what they believe in. As a new semester is starting, we want to inspire you to incorporate the Inside Out Project into your curriculum. We are here to guide you through the process of empowering your students and building an Action they will remember forever.

Curious about what students and teachers have accomplished with their Inside Out Action? Check out some of the awesome installations from this past year. Let’s bring Inside Out Education to a school near you next!

Scholastic magazine Features Mental Health Advocacy

“To improve mental health within the classroom and workplace.” • Jersey City, New Jersey • June 2022

A classroom of ninth to twelfth graders in Jersey City, NJ worked collaboratively to determine the message for their Action. Using prompts from Inside Out curriculum, the students pitched potential Action statement subjects. After voting on their options, they settled on raising awareness about improving mental health in the classroom and the workplace.
Scholastic Magazine documented this Action’s process from our very first workshop to the final installation and interviewed students during the pasting about why they felt their message is important. The student’s Inside Out Action was featured as the cover story of Scholastic’s December 2022 issue.

Back2School 2022

“Back2School, Star Academy” • New York City, New York • October 2022

During the 2022 Back2School Activations, we took 866 portraits of students, teachers, and parents, bringing Inside Out into the classroom. Each school body interacted with their Action in a unique and engaging way. Throughout our Back2School tour this past year, our team conducted workshops, collected student responses, and received written case studies from educators and student participants. 

Creative Student Portraits!

"R)H(UMEURS" • Castelnaudary, France • May 2022

A Group Action doesn’t require hundreds of portraits to be impactful. The Education Action “R)H(UMEURS,” consisting of 13 portraits, promoted openness to others and encouraged students to think outside of “clichés” and prejudices. Many students posed as if they were playing “telephone” or passing a message, representing the necessity for dialogue between generations to “change the view of each other.” Meanwhile, in Mayotte students got creative in their portraits, posing with paint on their face and using hand gestures to communicate their message.

"Nous Venons De L’Afrique" • Dembeni, Mayotte • June 2021

This spring, we want Inside Out installations to take over the streets of NYC again! Our goal is for schools in all five boroughs to organize their very own Education Action. Schools with the most engaged students will have the opportunity to have our Photobooth truck visit their campus

If you or someone you know is an educator in the New York metropolitan area who wants to bring public art to your school, please send us an email to education@insideoutproject.net with the subject Back2School 2023