JR Reality FAQ

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new app that allows you to create Inside Out Actions with the power of augmented reality (AR)! Just like Inside Out, JR Reality is a community-led platform. The app allows you to attach a portrait and voice recording to floating digital murals throughout your neighborhood.

MAY, 15TH 2023

What is JR Reality?
JR Reality offers an interactive platform for people to chronicle their cities, through stories.
It is a new Community-Based Art App created with Superblue that uses Augmented Reality technology to create “living murals” across cities, where participants can share their portrait, voice and stories for others to see and interact with.

How do I download JR Reality?
JR Reality is currently available in US app stores only. You can download it for IOS here and Android here.

How do I add my portrait to a JR Reality mural? 
Here's how to get started:
1- Create an account when you first open the app
2- Head to the nearest mural using the map feature
3- Click 'Create a Story'. You’ll be asked to take your photo and record your voice.
4- Tag your poster with any relevant 'Themes' 
5- Place your story in AR for everyone to see!

Where is the JR Reality app live? 
Anyone with access to US app stores can download JR Reality to their smartphone. 
Currently, living AR murals are only available in New York City (and Miami on June 1), with international cities to be activated in the coming months. However, anyone in the US can explore with the app by viewing murals remotely and taking their portrait in the “My Stories” feature.

What are “living murals”?
“Living murals” are the AR floating installations in the JR Reality app. These digital artworks installations are made up of individual, black and white portraits. Click on portraits to hear the voice recordings left by other users. 
What is a JR Reality “story”?
A “story” is what we call the portrait and voice recording that users post to JR Reality murals.

What do I do if I want to create a JR Reality story, and I’m not close to any murals at the moment?
You can create a story using the 'My Stories' feature, and see them come to life right in front of you. These stories will be saved locally in your app until you can go outside and place them in a living mural for everyone to see

Can I still use JR Reality if I’m not in NYC? 
Yes! You can create a story using the 'My Stories' feature, and see portraits come to life right in front of you. These stories will be saved locally to the app. You will be able to post your story to a living mural once JR Reality comes to your city or when you travel to one of our active US cities.
You can also visit the murals remotely and check the portraits and voices left by others.

Can I download JR Reality outside of the US? 
Not yet, but very soon! We are currently available for download in US app stores only.

Can I view JR Reality murals if I'm not in NYC? 
Yes! You can explore any living mural remotely, see the portraits and hear their stories, as long as you have downloaded the app from  US App Stores. 

Something weird happened and an AR mural isn’t where it should be…
JR Reality is the very first app using Niantic’s breakthrough AR Developer Kit 2.0 technology and we’re aware that some funny things may happen. You can report bugs like these or any other issue you come across while exploring the AR world via appsupport@superblue.com