It's Our 13th Birthday!

On March 2nd, 2011, JR made the wish to turn the world inside out using art. Imagined to only last one year, the Inside Out Project has kept expanding: thirteen years, and half a million participants later, hundreds of communities are still transforming streets around the world!


MARCH, 12TH 2024

Let's take a trip down memory lane together…

The very first Inside Out Action happened during the Arab Spring, after the ousting of dictator Ben Ali in Tunisia.

Inside Out Tunisia” • 600 portraits • Tunis, Tunisia • March 2011

From there, the Project grew and grew, with Group Leaders pushing the limits with their creativity and not letting walls confine them. Posters were displayed on militarized borders, tepees, fishermen’s boats, and the North Pole…

We Still Exist” • 150 portraits • Lakota, North Dakota, United States • July 2011


Save the Arctic” • 4000 portraits • North Pole, Arctic • July 2012

…we even brought Inside Out to a maximum-security prison in California!

IOP Tehachapi” • 425 portraits • Tehachapi, California, United States • April 2022

Our Photobooths made participating in the Project easier by bringing our printers directly to the streets, capturing the faces of people across the globe, from Taiwan to Rio de Janeiro! They sometimes took unconventional shapes…

IOP Giza” • 3668 portraits • Giza, Egypt • October & November 2022

In thirteen years, we’ve helped people in 152 countries and territories share their messages with the world… and we’re not done yet! There are still a few places we haven’t reached.

Do you have friends in the Dominican Republic, Libya, Niger, Somalia, Bolivia, Suriname, Paraguay, Sint Maarten, Laos, Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, or Trinidad? Tell them to reach out to our team and help us bring the Project to their communities.

"COP25 - INDIGENOUS BLOOD: NOT A SINGLE DROP MORE"  • 33 portraits • Madrid, Spain • December 2019

We are so grateful for all our Group Leaders and participants. Your stories and creativity never fail to amaze us. As the Inside Out Project enters teenhood, gather those around you to incite change through your Actions.