International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, communities around the world gathered to uplift the voices of women, girls, and non-binary people! Check out these Actions advocating for women’s equality and health.

Inside Out Team
MARCH, 30TH 2023

On March 8th, women across Latin America and the world took the streets to fight for their rights. In Mexico City, thousands of people marched down the iconic Paseo de la Reforma to Monumento a la Revolucion to make their voices heard. Participants from the Action “Antes Patria Que Inermes tus Hijas” marched with their portraits demanding for the rest of the country to listen. 

This Action has already doubled in size from 50 portraits to 100 portraits as more women and girls join, share their testimonies, and raise their voices to say “Queremos un México que escuche, pero lo más importante que crezca y cambie.” We want a Mexico that listens, but more importantly, that grows and changes.

Women marching with their posters for the Action “Antes Patria Que Inermes tus Hijas,” March 2023

That same day, a similar intervention took place in South America. Inspired by the multi-city Action “Nuestras Miradas” which happened in Argentina in 2021, women from the Province of Carchi in Ecuador marched against femicide. With giant portraits in hand, the faces of women threatened by this issue were made visible to onlookers far and near. 

Performance at the end of the Inside Out inspired Action "La Próxima Soy Yo," March 2023

At the end of the demonstration, the women laid down their portraits next to a banner that said, “La próxima soy yo” (The next one is me) and a sign that said, “Que ser mujer no nos cueste la vida” (That being a woman does not cost us our lives). A participant laid on top of the posters, her body covered by a white blanket and a white rose placed next to her hand. The stunning performance forced onlookers to confront this issue, urging action against femicide. 

Pasting of Action “Mae Um Retrato,” March 2022

Another Action honoring women took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this March. “Mae Um Retrato” spreads awareness about mental health for women in maternity throughout Brazil. This country-wide Action gathered portraits of nearly 1,700 mothers of all backgrounds, races, genders, and sexual orientation from all 27 states in Brazil to share the different experiences of what it means to be a mother. 

The “Mae Um Retrato” Photobooth Action, May 2022

During photoshoots for the Action, the Group Leaders led workshops in which participants discussed public policy that could support mothers. They also filmed testimonials from participants to show the current challenges they face and represent what motherhood looks like in Brazil. This Action also included a Photobooth in Rio de Janeiro that welcomed passersby to participate, bringing the discussion of motherhood and women’s mental health to the streets. The portraits are now being pasted in Rio de Janeiro on the Cidade do Samba building and will include 12 mega portraits of the mothers of samba measuring 9 meters in height by 6 meters in width!

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