Inside Out Project at the Egyptian Pyramids!

Our first pyramid-shaped Photobooth opened last week at the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. It will be open through November 10th and on display until November 30th. 

The Inside Out Team

As part of the Forever Is Now II Art Festival, participants can create an ephemeral personal statement in front of timeless monuments through their portraits.

Each portrait is transformed into a larger than life, black and white poster that is printed nearly five meters in the air. Participants watch as their portraits float down into an attendant’s awaiting arms. After collecting their poster, participants can paste their image on one of three billboards outside of the booth. 

With their portrait set against the backdrop of the ancient pyramids, participants become co-creators, collaborators, and protagonists in the long artistic history of this site.

Participants admiring portraits at Forever Is Now II, Giza, Egypt, 2022. © Justin Weiler.

The installation approaches our society’s enthusiasm for selfies at touristic spots from a new angle. Rather than look away for a photo, participants make a statement in front of the 4,500-year-old site, interacting with the pyramids by pasting their poster. 

While the faces on the billboards are continuously pasted over with new portraits, the backdrop of the magnificent pyramids remains the same. Participants and passersby alike are invited to reflect on the ephemeral in a place where time takes on another meaning.

Participant pasting her portrait at Forever Is Now II, Giza, Egypt, 2022. © Justin Weiler.

Forever Is Now II is an inspirational contemporary art exhibition that shows the work of 12 leading international artists and is organized by Art D’Egypte with the support of UNESCO. The installations are placed along a trail around the 4,500-year-old heritage site at the Giza Plateau, inviting visitors to consider past and present conditions as well as the relationship between nature and technology.

 The Inside Out Photobooth installation at Forever Is Now II, Giza, Egypt, 2022. © Justin Weiler.

This year, the Inside Out Photobooth activates the sacred site by involving the entirety of the surrounding community. It invites visitors to consider the questions: What is the nature of our relationship to land amid our increasingly inhabited digital realities? How do artists become agents of change? How can we reshape the future?

Participate in this special Photobooth at the Pyramids in Giza this fall. This is your opportunity to make a statement at this ancient site!