Inside Out is celebrating Londoners

In celebration of the UEFA EURO 2020 Football Championships, the streets of London were transformed by thousands of photographs of Londoners, between June 13th and June 26th.

Emma from the IOP Team
JUNE, 9TH 2021

Over the course of two weeks, our Photobooth truck visited 5 locations to paste more than 3,500 black and white portraits.

From key workers to school children, all were invited to paste their face on roads and buildings across the city. This Action honors Londoners and all those who have made a difference in their communities over the past year. As the city recovers, the Mayor wanted as many Londoners as possible to be part of the Action to generate excitement and showcase London’s diversity.

This year, London is hosting eight matches during the Championship, including both semi-finals and the final. This Action along with a series of temporary outdoor exhibitions complements the Mayor of London’s Let’s Do London campaign, which is encouraging Londoners and visitors to come back to the city and take advantage of London’s public spaces and cultural riches.

A number of schools, grassroots organizations, hospital staff, community champions, and volunteers were photographed in preparation for the installation at Tower Bridge. Londoners working or living close by to the locations were also invited in advance to book to have their photo taken as part of the project.

Here are some highlights

Tower Bridge (13 June)

Catford (17 & 26 June)

King's Cross (18-20 June)

Tottenham Green (21 June)

Royal Docks (23-24 June)

If you have any questions regarding this Action please email

IOP London - June 13th to June 24th