Inside Out 11M - Painting A Portrait of Hope, Unity, and Diversity

2,000 participants from 15 cities across 7 states on both coasts, stepped into our photobooth trucks in support of a pathway to citizenship for millions of people across the country. After three weeks of touring across the United States, the Inside Out Team arrived in Washington D.C. on September 13th and 14th to conclude our nationwide call to action at the Capital.

The IOP Team

For three weeks our team traveled across the country and heard directly from participants, passersby, volunteers, and organizers about why immigration reform means so much to them and what they hope to achieve for themselves in the future. The participants in this Action are farmworkers, students, congressmen, activists, caretakers, veterans, essential workers, and more-- who all contribute to painting a portrait of the diversity and resilience of the people living in the United States.


Detroit, MI

From the hot Arizona desert to windy Lake Michigan, each portrait taken shines a light on something we all share-- hope for a brighter future! Our time at each location was filled with magic and excitement as each participant discovered the large print of their portrait to be pasted alongside a great number of people who support the same message.


This Action was made special by the activists, public service workers, volunteers, and even tourists who took interest in the installations and engaged in conversations. We took away from these interactions that people all over the US  want to build a better future for this country and the millions of people who dedicate their lives to making a difference every day.


Philadelphia, PA


“I was born in Costa Rica. I am an immigrant myself on the path to citizenship, so I completely understand the immigrant struggle-- everything it takes to be recognized and find a community here in the United States. So this 11M project is super beneficial to the community for advocacy. Anything that brings advocacy and exposure to these families is super beneficial to them and I am more than honored to be here present in this project.”

-Kimberly Alfaro Jimenez, Constituent Relations Associate for the 26th Senate District


Each portrait taken represents the hope, resilience, and unity of the millions of immigrants that call the United States their home. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and supported the message behind Inside Out 11M. We could not have done it without you!

Check out each of our tour locations and read more about this Action here!


Las Vegas, NV


Pittsburgh, PA


Harrisburg, PA


Denver, CO


Philadelphia, PA


Boulder, CO


Fort Collins, CO


Washington, DC