Inside Out 11M: A Country Wide Action on Immigration Reform

The Inside Out Project Team is back from their break and getting straight on the road for its second rendition of Inside Out 11M, a country-wide Action on Immigration reform.

The IOP Team
AUGUST, 26TH 2021

In response to the social divides across race, class, and immigration status exposed and aggravated by the Covid 19 pandemic in the United States, Inside Out 11M, a country-wide Inside Out Action highlights the urgent need for immigration reform. Today a supermajority of American voters support immigration reform that would create a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented individuals.

This fall, Congress will vote on legislation that would enable 6 million people to earn citizenship and cement their place in a country they have given so much to. These include Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, farmworkers, and other essential workers who call the United States home and have contributed much to this country. 

This Action aims to create a portrait of America that highlights the land’s unity and diversity. These portraits remind us that behind the policies are real people with real stories that include all Americans -- citizens, immigrants, and indigenous. This Action provides communities and local leaders the opportunity to urge Congress to move the country forward with solutions by creating a path to citizenship.

Here’s where you can find us to join this action!
August 26: Madison, WI - Library Mall and the Confluence; Bottom of State St (UW Campus) - 10AM-6PM
August 27: Milwaukee, WI - Chase Tower Plaza (N Water St x E Wisconsin Ave) 10AM-4PM
August 30: Grand Rapids, MI
August 31-September 1: Tucson, AZ
August 29-30: Phoenix, AZ
August 31: Lansing, MI
September 1: Livonia, MI
September 2: Detroit, MI
September 4-5: Las Vegas, NV
September 4-5: Pittsburgh, PA
September 8: Harrisburg, PA
September 9-10: Denver, CO
September 9: Philadelphia, PA
September 11: Boulder, CO
September 12: Fort Collins, CO
September 13-14: Washington, DC