Happy Birthday Inside Out!

Celebrating a dozen years of turning the world Inside Out! Thank you to everyone who has brought Inside Out to life and connected their community through the power of art!

The Inside Out Team
MARCH, 1ST 2023

On this day twelve years ago, JR launched the Inside Out Project and asked the question: “Can art change the world?” Since then, Inside Out has visited over 148 countries and territories, helping more than 2,350 communities to create their own public art installation. The Project was only supposed to last one year, but through the dedication and support of almost half a million participants, we are still pasting portraits twelve years later!

The Inside Out team is planning exciting initiatives for our thirteenth year - are you ready to turn your streets Inside Out? 

 Women's March • Washington D.C. USA • January 2017 • 460 Portraits

Rally your community for International Women’s Day!
Inside Out invites you to join our worldwide public art project to support and defend women's and nonbinary people’s rights in your community. We want people all over the world to capture portraits during gatherings and marches on International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Creating an Inside Out Action is a perfect opportunity to elevate the voices of your community, bring global visibility to your cause, and spark conversations that will instigate change.

Ready to organize your own Action or have friends that would be interested? Send us an email to jr@insideoutproject.net!

             "IOP Mauritanie" • Nouackchott, Mauritania • May 2022 • 97 Portraits 

Be the first to bring Inside Out to new corners of the world!
This past year, Group Leaders brought the Project to two new countries! The Group Action “Inside Rabi3a Gang Project” took place in Algeria for the first time where thirty-one portraits of Algerian street artists were installed in El Djazair.

There was also the first Action in Mauritania, which showcased 97 portraits of refugee children living in one of the most remote camps, located in the Sahara Desert.  

There are still so many countries we need to visit, such as: Libya, Niger, Somalia, Bolivia, Suriname, Greenland, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Sint Maarten, Laos, Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, and Trinidad. Do you have a friend in one of these places? Tell them to reach out to our team to create an Inside Out Action!

Transform your Action into a virtual mural!
In March, JR is launching a new app called JR: Reality. JR: Reality is an interactive, community-led platform for people to chronicle their cities in the virtual world through the power of AR. Imagine - the stories shared in Inside Out Actions could become virtually connected to the locations where they were once pasted. More information will be announced soon, but we can’t wait for you all to be some of the very first users!

Thank you for helping us turn the world Inside Out, one portrait at a time!