Back2School 2022: A Recap!

The Inside Out Team is back from a busy Back2School season after visiting six New York public schools!  

IOP Team

Our Photobooth truck traveled throughout New York City during the month of October, taking portraits of students ranging from preschoolers to 12th graders. 

Before the Photobooth Actions, our team met with classrooms over video call or in person to lead 6 Workshops. We facilitated conversations about the power of public art and discussed ways students can express themselves through their portraits.

Our team leading a workshop with high schoolers!

We met hundreds of wonderful, passionate, and engaged students all over New York. Check out the installations we created with students at each school!

Students posing in front of the Photobooth truck after taking their portrait.

At P.S. Q224, the school community shared how they stand for equality and unity for all disabilities. Students and teachers alike pasted their portraits to celebrate their community’s diversity and individuality! 

A student posing with her larger-than-life portrait!

At STAR Academy, students and teachers encouraged each other to show off their silliest faces and be as expressive as possible in their portraits. They were incredibly excited to see the posters print out larger than themselves! 

Students admiring their portraits on the way home.

At Robert Goddard High School, students helped paste their portraits on two long walls that faced one another. They played music and did the wave as they kept the energy high throughout the day. On their way home after school, students marveled at the beautiful installation they created together. 

Members of the media team interviewing community members.

Student media teams at each school documented their Actions, acting as photographers, videographers, and interviewers! At Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School, a group of students interviewed their peers and teachers and compiled the interviews into a video. 

Students pasting their portraits outside their school!

Students at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School dove straight into their Action, pasting portraits on an outer wall and an inner courtyard. They used squeegees and made glue, helping out at the Photobooth truck from start to end. 

The morning Photobooth truck team preparing for the day ahead. 

The Action at Greenburgh Central Schools was our first-ever student-organized Photobooth! They met with the team to plan and prepare for their Action, and when the day came, they manned the Photobooth truck and pasted their portraits. 

Portraits surrounding the entrance to school.

At these six schools, we pasted a total of 710 portraits, transforming campus walls into celebratory messages of creativity, community, and identity. 

When reflecting on their Action, students said that they felt like they were “part of a community,” “hit a milestone,” and that they were “contributing to a project with a powerful message behind it.”

Students having fun at the end of the day!

Interested in bringing Inside Out to your school? Send us a message to learn more about creating your very own Education Action!