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Oser la liberté, c'est pas l'bout du monde

TOULOUSE, FRANCE 14 Portraits - Avril 2016

Le groupe d'action la Prairie constitué d'élèves de 4ème du collège d'éducation nouvelle " la Prairie" à Toulouse soutient le droit à la liberté d'expression.
« Oser la liberté, c'est pas l'bout du monde »
Ce projet retrace une semaine d'échanges et de rencontres dans des lieux culturels toulousains. A travers ces portraits et ces interviews, ces figures nous témoignent l'importance de la liberté d'expression.

- Comment s'est déroulé votre action Inside Out?

Une implication forte des élèves, des rencontres entre eux et des acteurs locaux : cirque, théâtre, espaces associatifs et friches culturelles, etc.
Les rencontres se sont faites sous forme d'interview sonore et photos, les personnes interrogées ont été impliquées dans le projet et concernées par le message porté. Chaque groupe a vécu des expériences et des moments forts.

- Quel a été l'impact de votre action?

Les participants ont été sensibles au projet des élèves et ont cherché à répondre et à transmettre leur valeur : liberté d'expression, tolérance, solidarité...
De plus, le projet a fait l'objet d'une exposition au sein de l'école avec parents et personnes extérieures invitées.

- Avez-vous rencontré des difficultés pendant la réalisation du projet? Si oui, comment les avez-vous résolues?

Grâce aux réseaux locaux avec lesquels nous avons été mis en relation par l'intermédiaire des propres parents d'élèves, l'organisation a été facilitée et les contacts plus directs.

- L'histoire la plus touchante ou la phrase la plus marquante au sujet de votre action Inside Out?

La rencontre avec un jongleur mexicain qui s'exprimait sur la liberté d'expression en constatant qu'il était plus facile de la vivre en France que dans son pays d'origine par le biais du cirque.

Think Globally, Buy Locally

TBILISI, GEORGIA 51 Portraits - 16-23 September

Produce in Georgia-Feel our entrepreneurial spirit and accelerate our country’s development

- How was your experience with Inside Out?

The purpose of the action is to support Georgian producers and find local manufacturers whose products have competitive advantage against imported analogues.
We were convinced that this kind of action being so unusual to the Georgian reality. As our group saw during the pasting process of portraits, the expectations were exceeded regarding the expressed interests from passersby. Everyone was interested about the posters along with the production held by the Georgian producers. People in the street were positively amazed on the diversity of production produced in Georgia. After the explanation the goal and essence of the action everyone was proud, some people recognized the facies, one of the young man was so impressed and happy when discover that his favorite muffin was produced locally. His emotions were so sincere that influenced individuals around and showed us that besides being the booster for the economy national purchasing is a form of so called moral purchasing.
Finally, we hope that the campaign will help us to spread our message, promote national production and call citizens to feel entrepreneurial spirit and accelerate our country’s development.

The Story Behind Our Wrinkles

BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA 100 Portraits - 2nd of October 2016

In Colombia, my country, we have been living a war for the past 50 years. Finally , after 4 years of dialogues between the guerrilla FARC and the government, we have a chance to fight for a different future, by voting on the 2nd of October to "give peace a chance". However, some, filled by the bitterness and pain that war has left behind in their hearts, refuse to accept that in order to form a society as equals, we must first forgive and respect those who think different from us. Through InsideOut, we want to remind ourselves and our country how the "enemy" is only one because of the uniform or label he or she wears.

- How was your experience with Inside Out?

It was incredible to see the support that surrounded our initiative. The generosity of people with their willingness to help was a reminder of the desire we share to build a better future. The best moment I think would be the instant when you see all of those faces looking straight at you and at that moment, while remembering each and every story behind the faces, you understand that it is bigger than anything you could have imagined.

- What was the impact of your group action? How did people react?

We had to do the action without permission because we considered waiting one more second would be crucial in the period we are going through as a Nation. The impact was such that even the policemen who tried to ask us to leave only did so because they had to, they wanted to stay and watch and ask and wonder what was behind our story. Passers-by offered their help and stayed with us until the end, it generated the inconformity and questioning we where longing for.

- Do you have any advice for future group action leaders?

Yes. It won't be easy, it will require a lot of your time, but if you truly believe in the message behind your action it will be worth it. So don't give up, surround yourself with people as committed as you are in making a change and it will work out.

- Do you have any other feedback for the Inside Out Project?

The support we received from the IO team, especially Lola was unbelievable. However I think perhaps including some more questions in the FAQ would prevent in the future driving you crazy by email. Questions that concern in greater specificity the release form process, or the format in which the folder should be organized so it is best for you to print etc.

- What is the best story or quote you collect from your action?

It only really makes sense in Spanish, but there was this 87 year old man who believes when Jesus said "amaos los uos a los otros" (love each other), what people really understood was "armados los unos a los otros" (take arms on each other), and that is why we have been at war for almost 2000 years. Today more than ever, I can't help but believe he might be right...

- Did you encounter any issues while doing the project? If yes, how did you solved them?

1. It was very hard to get the authorisations of the people we initially wanted to portray, as they live in far, uncommunicated, often violent parts of our country. And we strongly believed their stories where the ones the world had to hear.
2. Obtaining the permission was nearly impossible as the country reached very high levels of polarisation and everything was seen as political. The positive impact it generated, nonetheless, was shocking.

Quebec Education

MONTREAL, CANADA 539 Portraits - September 2016

There has been large and strong movements arising within university about fight against Austerity.
Now, shortly put- that word can repel a lot student because it carries aggressive context applying opposition by striking and manifestation.
IOPQE wants to take the issue of tuition increases, budget cuts and their effect on education quality, and turn it into a very approachable project: in the form of photography. Through this art project, we intend to voice the students’ concerns though an artistic and more human approach. To many time we forget what laying behind empirical values, we are trying to bring to the light all the present and future impacted life that are often resume by numbers.
IOPQE strives to represent the diversity of students, staff, alumni and relatives that call Montreal their home. Humanizing these numbers through portraits of these individuals is our objective. In this project, we unite under one driving belief: Quality education should remain accessible to all.

- How was your experience with Inside Out?

"Its just a great feeling to get people together over a common belief
We had difficulties organizing because finding authorizations for pasting is complicated but the hardest was our encounters with people that dont believe in art and that dont believe that even small efforts can make a difference."

- What was the impact of your group action? How people react?

It was amazing to get people excited about a topic that is so close to our heart. As we explained the project, many people asked us how they could get involved. We had lots of help from those people and our friends.
Because of a terrible error on the part of our venue, a lot of the pictures were taken down before they could be seen by the public but we have a lot of pictures of those and intend to get the word out and raise awareness through media

- Do you have any advice for future group action leaders?

Make sure you give yourself the time to go through all the steps. It can take months but its better if its well done.

- Did you encounter any issues while doing the project? If yes, how did you solve them?

Authorizations were very hard to get because of city laws but we finally found an event to host our project. And also making glue takes time!!

Trapped Inside - I AM LIKE YOU

Sindos - Refugee camp, Greece - 60 portraits - September 2016

With 60 portraits of residents currently living in the refugee camp Karamanlis in Sindos, Greece, we make the people who fled the war in Syria and Iraq visible again.
With the statement «I am like you» this group action underlines the many similarities we have as human beings, and encourages empathy by leading us to ask ourselves: "What if I were like you? What if I were in your position?"

Approximately 60 000 refugees are currently trapped in camps inside Greece, unable to travel further.
Greece – left alone by its European Partners – is unable to provide adequate shelter, food and education for the refugees and is overstrained to organise the necessary support for registration, relocation, family reunification and asylum procedures. The European Union, having difficulties in finding a consensus on how and in which period of time to relocate the refugees over it's member states, is slowing down the process additionally. The trapped people have no other choice but to wait in camps in Greece under precarious conditions. Many of them are waiting already 8 to 9 months.

Furthermore, in the European media there is a lack of coverage on the situation of the deserving poor. While there is a lot of empathy towards the issues concerning women and children, media representation of male refugees is often linked to negative and violent incidents. Help opportunities and activities, organized by volunteers, also focus mainly on women and children.
For this reason “Trapped Inside” has chosen male refugees as its main focus. By focusing on male refugees, this project seeks to provoke a change in people's mindsets and aims at supporting a smoother integration by improving their image.
Refugee men are trapped inside in two ways. Not only are they trapped inside Greece, refugee men are also trapped inside themselves. Indeed, they are smarting from their inability to fulfil their roles as problem solvers and providers for the family, powerless in contributing actively to a change of their situation. Their suffering leaves behind deep marks.

-- How was your experience with Inside Out?

There were so many highlights in this project, that, looking back on it, memories of low point start to blur. The project needed perseverance and belief though, and now that it's finished I and all of the team feel very rewarded. One of the most beautiful moments in the project was, as I was fighting alone to make the project happen, when I unexpectedly got support from a friend of my husband, offering to send his niece to support me as an arabic translator, and paying all of her expenses. This was a crucial moment, because it enabled us to open doors to the hearts of the residents, which made it possible to portray them and hear their stories - it really helped us be trusted. Another wonderful and emotional moment was, as the team and I returned to the refugee camp Karamanlis with the posters. People were so happy to see us and all were eager to see their pictures. My favorite part were working on the installation together with a small and very loyal group of refugees, who were waiting for us to arrive to the camp every day. And the moment when we managed to finish the first big size figure without hydraulic lift. By then we started to realize how impressive this installation was about to become. The warehouse next to the camp, where the installation was built, is in an outside area. Passersby were mainly refugees living in the camp, volunteers and NGO employees. Many passed by, and were amazed by what we were doing. We had plenty of opportunities to talk about our message. Also a lot of kids of the camp came over to point at their fathers and brothers. And many residents from the camp, including people I didn't know myself, came over to thank us for our efforts. It almost made me cry.

-- What was the impact of your group action? How did people react?

The impact on those who saw our installation was big. All were amazed. Many agreed on the message, and realized that it was true that refugee men need support in being represented in a positive way. And that many times refugee men are neglected in projects and the offers of help.
The statement «I am like you» really resonated a lot with the refugees, who feel like they are perceived as all being terrorists, and being treated like «less» human beings. They feel like they are like us, and they want to be treated like us: with humanity, respect and dignity.
We also built an online community, on Facebook and Instagram, while working on the project. Also here we received a lot of support. The online community is still growing.
We have also received first requests for duplicating our action in different Europese cities. (Barcelona, Coruña, Athens) And we hope to bring Trapped Inside to many more cities, as it becomes more famous. The refugee issue is everywhere in Europe. Last Friday, 23 September, the pictures were projected on the walls of the quarter of Malasaña, in Madrid by Vértice Curvo. We managed to connect some people, of the camp in Greece (volunteers and refugees), now living in Spain, to this event, to tell about their own experiences. As I was returning from Greece, I was not able to attend this occassion, but I heared that it has been very emotional.

-- Do you have any advice for future group action leaders?

Yes: get started, even if not all is arranged, yet. Problems tend to solve themselves, while working on the project. And the more the project takes shape, the more support you will gain on your way.


HENDAYE, FRANCE 11 Portraits - Juin 2016

La cantine ? Un univers impitoyable...!!
Qui va remplir le pichet d'eau ? Celui qui n'a pas levé son verre assez vite lorsque la dernière goutte a été versée ( donc souvent le même) ! Si tu t' absentes de devant ton assiette de frites, elles disparaissent en un clin d' œil, volées par les voisins...Vraiment si drôle que ça que de balancer ta purée sur les murs ?.. Tu n'aimes pas les épinards mais ton voisin de table oui : étrange ! A midi ton assiette est pleine mais ailleurs, à la même heure, d'autres l' ont vide....
Par un visage, une expression, les élèves de 3éme D du collège Irandatz d' Hendaye font passer leurs émotions et tentent d'alerter leurs camarades sur certains de leurs comportements "excessifs" à la cantine.

- Comment s'est deroulée votre action Inside Out?

Pas de points faibles mais énormément de points forts qui prenaient de plus en plus d'ampleur avec l'avancement du projet. L'investissement de la classe concernée, l'écoute passionnée de tous les élèves du collège découvrant l'artiste JR lors de sa présentation en cours d'arts plastiques, la concrétisation du projet avec l'arrivée des photos en classe (mon moment préféré ! J'ai laissé les élèves ouvrir le colis et dérouler leurs portraits ! C' était Noël !!!!), la prise de conscience (importance et impact du projet) de tout l'établissement (élèves et personnel) quand les photos ont été installées, l'émotion des parents lors du vernissage de voir les portraits de leurs enfants en si grands (!) et l'arrivée en trombe du journaliste local quand il a appris ce qui se passait au sein du collège !

- Quel a été l'impact de votre action?

Le projet ayant été finalisé en fin d'année scolaire, les élèves ont eu peu de temps pour réagir mais il y a eu quand même une petite phrase lancé par un élève le jour où il y a eu des frittes : ""On ne va pas se voler les assiettes car il y a les photos !""
Il est prévu que le projet reste en place à la cantine sans aucune limite. Les réactions seront donc sans fin et renouvelées : nous accueillons plus d'une centaine de nouveaux élèves par an.
Artistiquement, les 600 élèves du collège et tout le personnel ont été très touchés et sensibilisés au projet et, au delà, ont découvert le travail de JR.

- Avez-vous rencontré des difficultés pendant la réalisation du projet? Si oui, comment les avez-vous résolues?

Non, aucun souci.

- Avez-vous des conseils a donner aux futurs participants?

"Lancez-vous !"

- L'histoire la plus touchante ou la phrase la plus marquante au sujet de votre action Inside Out?

Une classe en difficulté scolaire qui s'est investie, s'est montrée autonome.
Des élèves qui ont montré un côté méconnu de leur personnalité et ça, c'est toujours bouleversant. Une phrase d'une des participantes (classe de 3ème): "Il faut afficher les photos dans le réfectoire des 6 ème car pour toutes les autres classes, c'est trop tard" (il est clair qu'à travers le projet, elle s'était investie dans une mission de transmission)"
La réalisation du projet inside out est très accessible grâce à "une équipe de choc" très à l'écoute, hyper efficace et compétente.


Neuchâtel, Suisse 141 Portraits

Lycée Jean-Piaget, école supérieure Numa-Droz, Neuchâtel, SUISSE

Notre lycée vit un moment de fragilité en devant -en partie- déménager dans des locaux nouveaux. Son identité, jusque là fortement ancrée dans un lieu, est en crise. Etudiant(e)s, enseignant(e)s, concierges et direction ont besoin de trouver des nouvelles marques dans ce nouvel espace.
En tant qu'enseignante d'art visuel, après lecture d'articles sur JR, visionnement du DVD et découverte de son livre, j'ai eu l'intuition que le projet INSIDEOUT était ce qu'il fallait pour nous donner un nouveau corps (visage) dans ces locaux presque industriels qui nous sont imposés. J'imagine avec bonheur les visages de notre lycée nous y accueillir." email envoyé à Faustine (groupe JR) le 3 mars 2016
L'école existe, est nous continuons d'exister même si nous déménageons! Nous voulons affirmer cette existence par notre participation au projet insideout avec les photographies des portraits de nos élèves et de nous, enseignant(e)s, et prendre possession de ce nouveaux lieu. Nous souhaitons aussi que les gens sachent que nous sommes là et renforcer l'identité de notre école.

- Comment s'est deroulée votre action Inside Out?

Points forts: l'enthousiasme des étudiants et des étudiantes à l'annonce du projet / les moments de prise des photographies / le début de la pose des images / le résultat final / l'accueil et le relais de la presse locale

Points faibles: la lenteur des différentes étapes à passer (mise en commun de l'idée à l'interne de notre lycée, budget pour la pose des images, acceptation de ce budget par la direction, autorisation de la ville, récolte des autorisations individuelles, acceptation de la durée de vie éphémère des images…) jusqu'à la réalisation à proprement parler.

- Quel a été l'impact de votre action?

Oui, le nouveau lieu est gentiment apprivoisé et son identité est claire pour les regards extérieurs, ce qui aide à prendre sa place sereinement. Nous existons et ne sommes pas mis à l'écart… Etre actifs et actives dans le changement imposé nous a rendu(e)s plus fort(e)s.

- Avez-vous des conseils a donner aux futurs participants?

Tenir bon pour passer les étapes administratives liées à ce genre de projet en extérieur.

- L'histoire la plus touchante ou la phrase la plus marquante au sujet de votre action Inside Out?

Une étudiante rencontrée durant les vacances avant la pose qui s'inquiétait de l'avancée du projet… et les commentaires ravis des étudiants et de certains professeurs, touchés en voyant tous ces visages couvrants le bâtiment nouvellement nôtre.

Inside Out Lausanne - Célébrons la diversité

Lausanne, Suisse, 203 Portraits

Switzerland has been a welcoming country for many immigrants. ... and Lausanne is embodying this tradition. the city is really diverse and we wanted to celebrate it by walking thru the city and taking random pictures of people. All the portraits will be exposed in the heart of the the city in the quartier du Flon.

- How was your experience with Inside Out?

Gathering all those smiles curisity and having the passersby comming back on there steps was great reward. Unfortunaltey a lot of people were thinking that the pictures were from J.R event if they are really nice we had to be honnest :-) the impact is still there

- What was the impact of your group action? How did people react?

We were celebrating the diversitiy of our city and we took the portrait of two hundreds citzien rendomly. The office for the intagration of the immigrant came to the expo and they asked how we selected all this diversity. We were just delight to explain them that we were just waking thru the city on a saturday and explaining people about de project. This is how our streets look like.

- Do you have any advice for future group action leaders?

Inside out is a street art commando projet, and it should be kept in this spirit. We tried to much to gather all the autorisations and to be inline with the law but that made me suffer a lot.

- What is the best story or quote you collect from your action?

The pictures that we took of people enjoying the show were amazing.
But the best sorry was yesterday evening when we changed some portraits that were damaged while we were removing the previous one two big shots from the city borough came to stop because they said this is nice let people see it we had to explain them that we were part of the project.

- Did you encounter any issues while doing the project? If yes, how did you solved them?

We encountered a small technical issue at that printing stage indeed after gathering the money for the donation and the pictures. We had to print all the portraits locally. All the team of inside out was out there in rio making a very amazing and impactful work.