Lullaby of the streets

Hanoi, Vietnam

30 Portraits - March 2015


We wish to launch an art project called “Lullaby of the Streets” in the hope of embracing the compassion within our community towards these underprivileged children.


As for those children who live on on the streets, lullaby has never been a conventional one sung by their beloved mothers or grandmothers. Instead, it is made of the tumultuous horn of traffic vehicles, the bustling sound of casual conversations and the cry of street vendors. However, the typical Hanoians wouldn’t bother all these noises as they all have long served as the breath of Hanoi, a city half-way shifting from traditional framework to a more dynamic, competitive and ambitious one. Meanwhile, those underprivileged children resemble the street cats wandering all over the city. Even their naps have never been in peace as their mind is taken over by worries about daily hardship and other financial concerns. It’s neither mother nor grandmothers that sing the lullaby to them but the street. Hence this project is named after ” Lullaby of the Street” as a tribute to those street kids who spend all nights of their childhood staying out.

Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets