Never Forgetting

Caracas , Venezuela

312 Portraits - November, 2011


“When a child of yours is murdered, you become branded, like cattle.” When you lose a child you look at the sun uninterested; that sun rises everyday, even if you rather staying in the dark. The sun is indifferent to your pain; it shows that life goes on even if you are dead. You don’t matter to the sun. When a child of yours is murdered you become branded, like cattle. One thing that has helped in this process is updating the blog in his memory. The blog became a little window for me to talk to people without being seen. Often times I stay connected with mothers from all over the place, they write to cry and to let it out. When I am at the computer I have to appear courageous because they think I am brave. I do it all because I need my son’s name everywhere. No one should forget about him. There are a lot of Taners in this country.

Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets