Getting out of the box

Durango, CO, USA

62 Portraits - October 2011


"This was a project that my high school students in Durango Colorado participated in. Our idea was "getting out of the box" hence why we squished the faces against a panel of glass to capture their images. Students are so often contained within the confines of a desk, a classroom, a school and the general education system that does not necessarily fit their identity. We wanted to make a statement about how these confines can limit their creative abilities. Our favorite part of participating in this project was to see the reactions from other students as they came through the art hallway. All of the windows were covered in these peering faces that invoked conversations ranging from the idea of being constantly watched and surveillance to thoughts on how students can remove themselves from the "box"
We did however discover that since such a large portion of the glass (all of it) was covered they super heated and developed some cracks... so I would not suggest putting them in large quantities on windows that receive south exposure sun....
When questioned, parents of the high school students commented that " it is important for our kids to address their own identity, and confront how they are limited so that they may break through these glass walls and ceilings."

Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets