We Are One Inside Out

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

100 Portraits - March 21, 2014


We're a small group of 10th grade AVID students at East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our art history teacher for our Clemente/AVID Humanities Course, Mr. Rojas, taught us about JR and the Inside Out project and that's how we got inspired to turn our school "inside out". Our school used to be mostly white kids from Utah but it's changed a lot over the years, and today it’s filled with students from all over the world including Latino, Pacific Islander, Asian, Native American, African, African American, European, and a lot of Mixed kids. We’re all here. We study, eat, talk, and hang out here. Many people in Salt Lake City still think of East High as what it used to be. With the “We Are One Inside Out” project we hope to change that.

We told the student body about the project in a school-wide assembly. We got an amazing photographer, Trisha Empey, to take photo portraits of any student who wanted to get in front of the camera. We pasted one hundred posters, representing who’s really at East, on the outside of our school for everyone walking and driving by to see. We hope the photos on the mural inspire everyone at our school and everyone who passes by to think about a couple things: how amazing those faces are, all different—and how beautiful they look, how powerful WE look, together. And we want to start conversations, like how does celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity and everyone's individuality bring us closer together in school and community? And what does it mean, when so many different people come together as one?

We’re really grateful to the Utah Humanities Council because this project wouldn’t have happened without them!


Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets