The forgotten refugees of Balaban

Balaban, Turkey / Syrian Border to Kobani

63 Portraits - 19 October 2014


This action was a self-print done by a humanitarian photographer. More than 780 refugees are living in Balaban on the Syrian-Turkish border right now. No international NGO takes care of them. Due to the fights in and around Kobane at the Syrian- Turkish border right now there is looming a humanitarian disaster for all refugees. During the last few weeks tens of thousands of civilians have fled from the advancing IS- troupes into the safety of the bordering country of Turkey.

Turkish military transporters have dropped Kurdish refugees at night right in the city center of Balaban. The mukhtar of Balaban took them in and allocated them in the abandoned houses of former citizens that had left the city in fear. Each night new refugees arrive, having fled over fences and treated through minefields as there are no more safe escape corridors.

We thought that by starting a group action we could bring a voice to an issue that is worsening everyday. I decided to let the identities of these people suffering from this tremendous situation be the voice

Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets