El Clot. Lifes from the hole.

Valencia, Spain

73 Portraits - April 2015


“El Clot” (Hole) building is an apartment block that for the last 15 years has been under threat by a City Hall plan that forecasts the demolition of 1.651 homes in “El Cabanyal”, Valencia’s historic fisherman neighborhood, in order to extend Blasco Ibanyez Avenue until the seafront. The implementation of the plan is currently suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court. However, for the last years the City Hall has acquired several homes in the area, to shut and brick them up, waiting for their demolition.

Tens of homeless gypsy families have occupied and restored some of these empty apartments in “El Clot”. This has put these families into the police’s and the Court’s spotlight. Recently, the neighbors have come together to defend themselves and to raffle a lot of other holes that they must face on a daily basis, such as exclusion, poverty, racism or real state mobing.

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I'm interested in giving visibility to the injustices I see in my surroundings, telling their stories through images. I work with real people and their real situations, trying to understand them and developing relationships with my subjects over time. I often ask my subjects to come also to the studio, where I can get nearness and give back to them.


Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets