Rwanda: Positive, Negative, Equal

Kigali, Rwanda

51 Portraits - June 2013


"Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga” is an initiative in Rwanda using visual arts “to create, to see, and to learn” about issues of 'Positive Living' in order to fight HIV and AIDS related stigma. As part of this public art campaign, and in partnership with Y.E.S. (Youth Ending Stigma), our team is excited to make a Group Action showing:

People living with HIV are no different from anyone else and deserve to be treated equally, with respect, and with the same rights as others. We want to challenge ignorance and share the message that HIV-stigma is harmful to the community. We are a mix of people - some living with HIV and some not - coming together in an act of solidarity in which we all are living positively. We want to challenge false beliefs that people affected by HIV are different from other people in the community, and by showcasing portraits of both HIV+ and HIV- people, show that "there is not one face of HIV.”

This statement is both a reminder to practice safer sex (because you can not know a person’s health status from looks alone), and a call to create a brighter future in Rwanda in which no one living with HIV has to suffer from stigma.


Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets