De Meelfabriek Inside Out

Leiden, Netherlands

25 Portraits - 21/03/2015 and 25/04/2015


De Meelfabriek is a fascinating industrial complex in Leiden (The Netherlands) that served as a flour factory between 1883 and 1988. A renovation project will launch very soon to transform De Meelfabriek into a cultural, residential and business complex. The history De Meelfabriek is hidden in the stories of the people whose lives have been touched by this place in one way or another; think of industrial artists who transformed the factory's landscape, former inhabitants of the complex, and the new owners, who strive to open a new chapter in the history of De Meelfabriek.

De Meelfabriek Inside Out is a photography and film project that unites multiple stories of the people that have shaped the history of this place. Besides the collections of portraits, this project also includes the making of a short documentary, "De Meelfabriek Inside Out," which contains special interviews with former workers, the owner, current inhabitants and artists that have been transforming the complex's landscape.

De Meelfabriek Inside Out intends to preserve the memory, document the present and explore the future of one place through its people.

Title: De Meelfabriek Inside Out

Director: Thibaut Prod´homme
Producer: Ana Bernardo
Editor: Tulasi Das & Mafalda Castelo-Branco
Sound design: Reinder van der Put (Put Into Sound)
Soundtrack: Leo Fabriek
Photographers: Mijn Fotowerkplaats
Interview recording: Cinemaffia
Soundtrack recording: Hans Custers
Climbers: Ben Healey & Karel Pieterplas
Subtitles: Aju Shrestha & Bastiaan Bouwman
Special thanks to: Otto Selis, Vincent Morris, Julie Périon, Mariateresa Coppola, Mia Klinten Grand, Paul Laudy, BrandAid, De Meelfabriek, The Printer Copyservice (Leiden), Tiphaine Lagadec, Munadi Ahmad

Ab van der Wiel
Bram Marijt
Izaak Zwartjes
Karel van Duin
Marcel Benedictus
Margot Simons
Maurice Braspenning
Peter van Zwieten
Bob Broersma
Inge Reisberman
Gertjan Knibbe

Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets