We are Arabs. We are Humans.

Irbid, Jordan

265 Portraits - Jan - June 2015


"Jordan is expressing anger towards the conflicts, war and blood shed in its neighboring countries. We are thankful for the somewhat calm situation we are at today but sending a message to the world in memory of all the falling babies, children, parents and grandparents in the Arab world. Our heart goes out to all the refugees who have fled their countries, left back their jobs, families, friends, and lives. We have these mixed feelings about what has been happening in Jordan. Since the 40s, Jordan has become a cultural collage created by pieces of different people because of it location. Jordan is the heart of the Middle East. Jordan is a Home to many nationalities. Some have become citizens living within us but some are still considered outsiders living in camp sites not allowed to leave or enter. We are not asking if this is right or wrong. We are celebrating our diversity by capturing our face expressions and reactions to everything going on in Jordan today." Nida Alhamzeh
Thanks to everyone who gave me a hand in bringing this project to life in Jordan but especially Alhmad Yasin, Zakieh Ababneh, Layal Madi, Aya Abu Alrub, Muath Alhindi, Ansam Bzour, Yasser Eid, Sara Khadra, Tareq Nusair, and Mohammad Sammour.

Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets