Inside Out Engels

Wuppertal, Germany

200 Portraits - 28.11.2020



Who would Friedrich Engels be today?
Engels' numerous scientific treatises and his dialectical method could still enrich many a discussion on future issues today. Also the fact that he was an extremely practical person who liked to take action could inspire us today. It is possible that Friedrich Engels would march today at the head of "Fridays for Future" or get involved in some other way.

For the reopening of the Engelshaus on 28 November 2020, on the occasion of Friedrich-Engels 200th birthday, a huge mosaic of 200 black and white portraits is to be created on the front façade of the Engels House. In the foreground of these 200 portraits floats a large transparent Engels' head - the juxtaposition of yesterday and today for a tomorrow.

The transformation of the person of Friedrich Engels and his messages into the present day, away from facts, figures and historical backgrounds. Engels packaged in a contemporary form and communicated in a participative way. 200 people for a 200th birthday become a total work of art: WUPPERTALERS - and perhaps even the THINKERS and MAKERS of tomorrow.

The art action IOP ENGELS is postponed to the next year due to Corona. Then this year we will take the "classic" Inside Out Project path: 200 faces for 200 years on the wall. We are very happy about that.


Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets