Global Friendship

Guangzhou, China

250 Portraits - September 23 2014


In today’s world, we are all connected. Whether through wars, international trade, migration, the power of technology or the media. The way we are connected in the world can be summed up as a struggle of power, with one nation holding power over another. It is unfortunate that the struggle of power continuously dominates the global narrative, as people struggle all over the world for basic necessities. The proposition of ‘Global Friendship’ is to share with the world that despite our borders, we are all human beings. ‘Global Friendship’ represents friends from all over this beautiful world, coming together, away from their home nations and finding companionship, love and a family amongst others. Why I believe this project is meaningful is that despite where we were born, our cultural differences, religious beliefs, or even sexuality we are connected to one another in some form. This connection is based on pure love for each other, something so simple, but is often forgotten when looking at the world. Our ‘Global Friendship’ is made of people from China, Nepal, Ghana, Syria, Colombia, Poland, Argentina, Laos, Canada, Mexico and the list goes on. Please help us spread the joy of being part of ‘Global Friendship’, we understand that in China there are restrictions to freedom of speech, but we would like to try and share the importance of love and friendship in the city of Guangzhou.

Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets