Biso na Biso

Gent / Kinshasa / Dunkirk, Belgium / DRCongo / France

4 Portraits - Mai 2016



In the midst of the so-called "refugee crisis", seven members of the Kinshasa based group Tout Puissant Kimvuka, in Belgium to perform on summer festivals, ran off, leaving the leader of the band and his brother no choice. They disappeared in illegality as well, leaving all their friends in great distress. Amongst them a Belgian brother and sister with whom the boys had done several projects.

To state that there are no frontiers nor borders if it comes to brotherhood and love, and to give a face and story to the so-called refugees, "Biso na Biso" was created.

Biso na Biso means "amongst us" in Lingala (DR Congo) and consists of portraits of two Congolese brothers and a Belgian brother and sister mixed up in one portrait.
A piece of each face on display in Belgium, while another piece is pasted in Kinshasa. Both posters will interact with the busy street they will become part of. Who belongs where? And why? Don't we all deserve to be wherever we want?
To symbolise the gab that shouldn't exist between people of poor and rich continents, a third portrait, consisting of yet another set of pieces of them four, is being portayed in Dunkirk, watching the sea, the promised land, the unreachable shore.

Four brothers from same and different mothers, shattered into pieces yet together, dispersed over different continents.


Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets