The Soulside OUT

Dhaka, Korail slum , Bangladesh

22 Portraits - September 2013


The Bangladesh action is in honor of the millions of women working in the Bengali garment industry: leading the struggle for socio-economic justice in one of the world's poorest, and most densely populated countries now synonymous with sweatshops. Earlier this year, the Rana Plaza collapse killed over 1,100 workers and became the second deadliest building collapse in history, next to 9/11. The installation went up on the waterfront of Dhaka's largest slum village, Korail, on Sept. 13th, 2013. Home to over 150,000 rural-to-urban migrants attempting to move into the city and out of poverty, the houses covered with prints are actually garment workers.The eyes look up into the high rise lofts of two of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the capital, 'we're watching you.' The message is Dignity In Industry.


Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets