CITIZENSHIP IS RESPONSIBILITY-- video from a group action in Tbilisi, Georgia

The group's statement:
"Citizen’s participation in countries social transformation, public ethics and understanding of togetherness as "US" instead of only "ME" is a strange phenomenon in Georgia. When actions to be taken and solidarity of citizens are needed, only small groups of people are fighting for justice. Hence, we have organized our group action in Tbilisi, so it acts as positive catalyst towards good citizenship so scarce in lives of people, where during 70 years of Soviet regime state was only decision maker for whole society.
The purpose of the action was to find number of common/everyday citizens who are far from being self centered. People, who consider citizenship as HUGE responsibility to their people and the world in general.
As we found these sunshine people, we have paisted their portraits on two visible walls in the capital city of Tbilisi. Action posters contain narrative part, where their personal definition and examples of good citizenship are explained. Our participants are chosen from various fields; (Defenders of human rights, minority rights, children, environment and ecology, historical architecture and monument preservation, culture, society, urbanism etc.)
By our group action we gave examples of good citizenship, togetherness, definition of common urban space, solidarity and hence, encouraged citizens participation in positive social change in Georgia in order to avoid degradation of humanistic values."

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