The Guardians of Stone and Daily Life

Harare, Zimbabwe

70 Portraits - June 2014


The Guardians of the Stone

The Guardians of the Stone is a tribute to Artists who despite economic challenges keep their spirit intact and make the Stone alive through their hammer and chisel.

The portraits were made in Tengenenge, an African village in the North of Zimbabwe. The village is an open air gallery, the particularity is that
the occupation of the inhabitants are all Stone sculptors of all ages.

Eric chose to place the portrait of the artists in Pomona quarry in the capital city of Harare for two reasons, the quarry is a place with symbolism and contradiction, so we have a destruction/construction matter. The artists use the stone for the benefit of no-one except their own belief and vision. They become the witnesses of our ineptitude of preserving our future.


Life is about family, friends and doing the things you love. We wake everyday to go to work while others spend time at home, on the streets selling different items from fruits and vegetables to used clothes.Such is the nature of Zimbabwean daily life that everyone finds solace and a peace of mind in doing something that helps sustain their families.

Everyone goes about their business in a manner that intertwines and not interfere with others while at the same time building a conjugal relationship among Zimbabweans as they go about their everyday lives.In that moment of our daily lives when we willingly suspend our disbelief we tend to smile and dream and live life to its fulliest as we set aside our differences and unite and share the happiness of life.

Dans la nature

Ces photos montrent où ont été collés les posters