Faces of Woonsocket

Woonsocket, RI, USA

101 Portraits - April 2016


The 100 people I photographed in Woonsocket all shared in numbers how long they've lived here. The ages range from 2-92 and have lived here anywhere between six months and 92 years. These people make up the community of Woonsocket, but many most likely will never or have never crossed paths. There is a former professional clown, the mayor, fire chief, community leaders, a Lieutenant Colonel, homeless people, children, immigrants, a barber, unemployed and white collar and blue collar workers. The one thing all of these people have in common is that they reside in Woonsocket, RI.This is a town that has a bad reputation for drugs and crime, and so this project is meant to uplift the community and to have neighbors meet on walls.

Dans la nature

Ces photos montrent où ont été collés les posters