Kaleidoscope of Cultures

Las Vegas, NM, USA

150 Portraits - October 2015


This project, featuring 150 students from 70 countries who are all part of an international boarding school in the area—ask: How can we serve as instruments of peace if we don’t see or understand each other? If our countries are enemies, must we too be enemies? What is possible when we look deeper--beneath the headlines, beyond the wars and prejudices--and into each other’s hearts? When I know your heart, how can I not be a stand for your liberation? When you become my sister, my brother, my family, then how can I raise a weapon to you? This profound inquiry is what students at this international high school engage in daily. Each moment presents an opportunity for connection whether it be sharing a dorm or a meal, in the classroom, or collaborating on a project. Empathy, the ability to see another’s perspective, becomes an essential practice living and working in community. The students are challenged to let go of preconceived ideas and opinions. It is uncomfortable, confronting and necessary. The closeness of so many cultures brings forth openings in awareness and consciousness. It breaks down barriers of stereotypes and judgments. Gliding together in the kaleidoscope we appreciate our diversity and nurture our sameness. The global conversation deepens.

Dans la nature

Ces photos montrent où ont été collés les posters