Lawrence Inside Out

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

650 Portraits - April 15-June 1


We the artists and art-engaged of Lawrence, Kansas want to show the world that artists come in all sizes, shapes, ages, and colors. Take art out of museums and galleries and into the streets. Celebrate the joy that art brings. Value the arts as a way to transform our city and create meaningful change. Immerse ourselves in art in our daily lives. Recognize the importance of support and solidarity from local government, businesses, and nonprofits. See the arts as an essential part of public education. Support the idea that anyone can be an artist and.
Help our fellow artists grow.

Lawrence Inside Out is a community photography project focusing on Lawrence, Kansas residents and their connection to creating and supporting the arts. This project invites participates to celebrate Lawrence's thriving artistic community and encourages everyone to see themselves as artists. Featuring over six hundred individuals, this participatory art project will be displayed throughout the city in April 2015. The project is organized by community-based artist and photographer Rachael Perry.

"Lawrence has one of the best art scenes in the world. I love living in a town where you can't walk twenty feet without seeing art. The world should know what's going on here...everywhere there's live music; everywhere there's art. People need to see what we're doing in this community." -participant Jay Canter

"What I love about Lawrence is that it's a place where you can feel free. Amazing things happen. There's support of creative risks. Lawrence feels alive and that sense of vitality makes people feel safe. No matter who you are, this place is all about acceptance. That's why we came back as soon as we could. It's the blue diamond. It's this creative outpost of Bohemia." -participant Alli Rose Lopez

"Music and things that nobody else wants send me soaring. Always the rust, the glass, the wires, serendipitous colors, metals, people, animals & plants." -participant Ardys Ramberg


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