A Collective Memory

Rajka, Hungary

3 Portraits - February 2013


*SELF PRINTED ACTION, inspired by The Inside Out Project*

"What if.... guerrilla marketing moves form the city to the suburbs"? It shifts the focus to the unsexy suburbs where there's still enough breeding ground for experiments! Europe is balancing on the edge of an uncertain future. Changing fertility rates, the process of urbanization and the current financial crisis are strong forces we have to cope with. These circumstances call for Europe-wide action that would not only challenge the top down practices driven by the governments and markets, but that would also propose institutional innovations for deepening democratic governance and increasing social equity.
In the context of CULBURB- cultural* acupuncture*treatment*for*suburbs-, organised by the Centre for Central European Architecture in Prague (CCEA), the NGO Onorthodox, tackling urban issues, presents ‘Nostalgia’.
Their bottom up approach in combination with active participation and empowerment was selected to be realized on the tri point area of Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.
While this area is largely affected by suburbanization, Onorthodox aims to expose the almost forgotten past and raise the awareness of citizens and local authorities. The process of suburbanization slowly makes borders blur and weakens social ties. This made Onorthodox curious to seek the existing social relations within this geographical area. What are the common roots and how can stories from the past tell us?
Onorthodox decided to give the floor to ‘the most experienced ones’. About 75 elderly participants (re)told their stories by means of photos about the former days to Onorthodox and their fellow participants. Now it is about time to combine and show these photos and stories of the three villages (and countries). All these individual pieces of the past merge into a collective memory.

Dans la nature

Ces photos montrent où ont été collés les posters