Iloilo City, Philippines

11 Portraits - April 2015


Our goal is to establish a pioneer art project to enliven our community’s art scene where art is still progressing; to transform various places in our city (particularly establishments with large blank walls) into a visually appealing sidewalk galleries; for people of all walks of life to see, discover and appreciate the different and real beautiful stories of identities; to connect with the people, share our stories and make them see how the world looked differently on us. Moreover, we hope that through stirring the emotions and perceptions of the crowd could leave a heartfelt impact even just in the silence of their souls.

The purpose of our project is to be an example of change in our community. A positive change. By revisioning the expression of identity through this project, we believe that helping change one’s perception on how he/she looks on others could mold and transform him/her into a better individual. As Ilonggos are known to be 'malambing', we also want our local community to be filled and added with good and understanding people. Lastly, our group aims to nurture and cultivate art for the benefit of the community.

Dans la nature

Ces photos montrent où ont été collés les posters