School Rocks

Port de Paix Haiti, Tréal 56 France , Haiti / France

50 Portraits - september Haiti, November France


We want to show the importance of defending and supporting local and regional schools.
Schools are the pillar of communities all over the world.
School is a condition for communities to develop and for the children to find their place in the society.
Threats to education include: social migration, lack of governmental support, lack of subvention, political change, economic difficulties, ignorance, and indifference. We seek to create strong bonds between two communities, one in Haiti and one in France.
In September, we pasted portraits of French pupils on a prominent wall at the Toussaint Louverture School in Port-de-Paix. In November, we will travel to Tréal, France to paste portraits of Haitian pupils the same age, living and studying in complex conditions, on the walls of St Therese.
Through this collaborative action, we want to raise awareness about the importance of education not only with local and regional political institutions and the media but also with the families of these students in both countries to support and defend their schools. Awareness leads to understanding and opens a dialogue for collaboration and change. We believe every child has value and purpose; every child has something to offer; and every child can make a difference in the world if given the right resources. Education empowers children in remarkable ways and communities thrive as a result. In Haiti and in France – School Rocks!

Dans la nature

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