In order to participate in the Inside Out Project, you need to organize a Group Action.

Gather 5 or more people around a same statement, submit their portraits, we will print them as posters and send them to you so you can create and coordinate an exhibit together by pasting them in your community!

The exact rules can be found in our Group Action Guidelines.

Start by creating an account and we will be in touch shortly!


What is a Group Action?

An INSIDE OUT Group Action happens when one or more group leaders commit to leading their own independently organized project somewhere in the world. Group leader(s) choose a statement and gather a minimum of five participants to have their portraits taken with the statement as their focus. The digital images are sent to the INSIDE OUT studio, printed into 36” x 53” posters and shipped back to the group leaders who paste them in the public space of their choice.

Get inspired by these projects and many more:


TED X Karachi

Soldiers Smiling For Justice


Tips for Group leaders:

• Open to anyone:

Any important subject, any statement, can be strengthened by the INSIDE OUT. The project gives anyone a voice through his or her image. We do not tolerate statements invoking hatred, violence, racism, or extremism of any kind.

• On the portrait:

Portraits are of yourself or of anyone you think has a story that needs to be shared. Look straight into the camera and let your statement inspire your expression. Only one person per portrait. The portrait must be of just your face, with no additional body parts, disguises or pets.

No brand, no product, no copyright: You cannot use the project for any commercial purpose. You cannot promote your product or your brand through INSIDE OUT.

No publicity for any organization: You cannot use the project to promote your organization’s actions. Even if it’s an NGO, it is the personal stories and statements that Inside Out wants to highlight, not the actions of a specific organization/party.

Free portraits: To help us fund INSIDE OUT, we ask for donations of $20 USD per poster. We recognize this amount is out of reach for many people and we will not turn anyone away for lack of funds. If you cannot or choose not to donate, we will gladly reduce the poster price based on our own funds and global geographical equality.

Exhibiting posters: INSIDE OUT encourages you to put your poster in the most publicly visible location possible.