In order to participate in the Inside Out Project, you need to organize a Group Action. Here is the breakdown:

1. Sign up as a user on our website

2. Register your Group Action to give us all the information we will need. Tell us what message you plan to communicate with your posters! Actions must have a minimum of 50 portraits that obey our guidelines to be accepted.

3. Send us your portraits once they are ready using WeTransfer or Dropbox. Please keep in mind that our team does not print actions with less than 50 portraits. If you would like to request to be an exception, you can do so when you register! All portraits must be named using our system explained in our guidelines - if not we will not print them!

4. The Inside Out team will print your posters & ship them back to you. If you are printing locally, we will send you back prepared files ready for printing. Please take into consideration that prepping and shipping may take 3-4 weeks, especially if you are international.

5. You paste and install the portraits as you like! Don’t forget to take great pictures & send them to our team. We love hearing updates and stories, so send them our way.

6. Your action will appear on the website once all elements are in and approved by our team. We will share your photos on our social media accounts, and try to spread your message further!


Any other questions? See below for documents to help you along the way, and if you still have concerns email us at Our team is very busy helping everyone, and it may take awhile for us to get back to you but we will do our best!


Sign up as a User or sign in if you already have an account.



TED X Karachi

Soldiers Smiling For Justice



What is a Group Action? What do I need to know in signing up and the process of creating one? Click here to read our Group Action Guidelines.

Speak Spanish? Click here for Spanish Guidelines.

Still have questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Want to know how to paste? Click here for our handy video.

How do I talk to the press about my project? Can I use my organization’s name or logo? Check out our Press Guidelines for answers.

What release forms do I need my participants and photographers to complete?
- If your action will take place in the US:
Release for Adults
Release for Minors
Release for Photographers
- If your action will take place anywhere else in the world:
Release for Adults
Release for Minors
Release for Photographers
- If you need your releases in French:
Release for Adults
Release for Minors
Release for Photographers

I need a background for my portraits! You can use our signature dot background. Download it here.

We can donate! Great, this helps us ship more posters around the world to people in need. Click here to donate, and be sure to mention your project so we can attribute it to you!