Au Pantheon!

Paris, France

4 160 Portraits - June - October 2014


JR's installation "Au Panthéon!" opened to the public in June of 2014. Thousands of faces collected in March 2014 from photos that were uploaded to the website, and at nine national monuments through an Inside Out PhotoBooth truck, created this monumental work that surrounded the drum of the Pantheon's dome, and covered the floor inside the monument.

The restoration work being carried out on the Pantheon is one of largest projects in Europe and the monumental self-supporting scaffolding system is a great technical feat.

JR’s installation covered the dome, the cupola, and the floor of the Pantheon. The outside artwork will be exposed throughout construction on the Pantheon’s upper parts, whereas the inside installation remained until October 5th.

Into The Wild

These photos show the posters pasted in the streets